Important Things to Include in a Real Estate Website

When you think of a real estate website, what do you see? Chances are that it is full of pictures and testimonials from the agents who work at the company. This is not enough.

In order to keep up with the times, websites for real estate agents need more than just a pretty face. A great website is one that incorporates all of these features and more: clean design (avoid using too many graphics), ease of navigation, interactive tools for viewing properties including 360° virtual tours and videos from inside homes, responsive layout so it looks good on any device or browser size.

The thing that will make you stand out from your competition is the way your design and content is made. Make your website about the customer and not you.

Websites For Real Estate Agents

– A website needs to be able to provide people with an easy way to find properties for sale without having to sift through dozens of listings that might not even match their criteria.

– It’s important for your site design and content use both graphics and text, so it feels professional but also inviting. People who are interested in buying or renting will want this information quickly before making a decision about where they live!

– Your real estate company should have its own page on the site, listing all available services such as property management, relocation assistance, financing options and more – you never know what someone may need from your business until they contact you!

A few other things you should think about when building your site are content management system integration which will allow agents to quickly add new listings without having to learn how to code in HTML; inclusion of social media feeds so customers can follow them easily; availability via email marketing campaigns tailored specifically for different demographics like active adults 55+ who want an easy-to-navigate site that is mobile friendly; and of course a professional domain name.

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