How To Recognize Skills Of Your Employees

How to be much better leader than you already are? If you want to be better, you should read this article and learn What Is Strengths Based Leadership and how it can benefit you and your company.
Most of the time people are not aware that they can do better. They get stuck in a rut, doing things as they always have been done and don’t even realize there is an opportunity to improve.
No one has ever succeeded by chance, so be sure to choose your words wisely when trying to motivate them!
This article will provide you with some easy ways on how make it happen

What Is Strengths Based Leadership

-Communicate effectively what needs improvement; for example say something like “I am noticing that we need more cohesion between departments” or “Please step up your game because I know you are capable of much more than this” -Be specific about what needs improving; if someone wants feedback, you should provide feedback, not just say “you are doing great with everything”
Encourage your colleagues; tell them they did a good job or that you admire their work. Make it easier for them by providing the means to do better. You can start by giving them goals and deadlines and then follow up on how they are progressing towards those goals.

If you implement these three steps into your office life, chances are high that people will feel more motivated about what they do – which is always an advantage in the workplace!

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